Seramix 5L

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Our Premium Semi-Hydro Potting Mix is the between water & nutrient retention, and aeration. Formulated with Seramis (an industry leading media used in semi-hydro landscaping) our mix has the ability to retain water for long periods of time, and releasing it when the plant requires. This media allows for the plant to grow strong stable roots as it grabs on to the selection of ingredients.

This mix has excellent water wicking potential which allows for the entire pot to be equally moist for a more developed root system, rather than roots staying only at the bottom. Best in a vase or container without any drainage holes

  • - Airy
  • - Water Retention without Rotting
  • - Well Established and Strong Roots
  • - Equally Moist Throughout Media
  • - Allows Plants to last longer between watering

Ensure that there is at least 1-2 cm of water in the plant container, unless your plant requires dry wet cycles, then amend watering cycle as needed