Ocean Solution

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OceanSolution™ is a liquid organic fertilizer that contains all 90 natural occurring minerals and trace elements which brings natural fertility to the next level. Harvested and processed from deep-ocean water with added (naturally sourced) Nitrogen & Potassium, this product allows your plants to readily absorb more micro & macro nutrients for a boost in growth, health and nutrition, while also restoring depleted medias. OceanSolution™ is produced in ionic form to ensure more macro nutrients are delivered instantly for healthier plants and media. It’s great for hydroponic growing too, without stains or clogging of systems. We’ve fortified OS with GK200, a technologically advanced plant growth enhancer. It’s bio-catalytic composition optimizes availability of nutrients and enhances microbial health of the planting media. GK200 accelerates biological and chemical reactions to create ultra-fine micro-bubbles that oxygenates planting media to enable stronger, wider & healthier root systems that increase water and nutruent uptake by plants. This product is made from natural ingredients, and is 100% safe for humans, animals, and the environment. It’s non-toxic & biodegradable.


150ml bottle