Kessho Glass Jar with Plants (Launch Price Offer)

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We've created a kit for plant enthusiasts and hobbyists to bring a little light and green into your home with the DIY Semi-Hydroponics Kit from our friends at Littlebotany!

Bring a little wonder into your home with the Kessho glass jar. Crafted from recyclable glass and a natural pine wood lid, the Kessho has bottled up the sense of calm you crave in a busy world.

The best part? It comes with a little secret. Tap the lid to watch as the hidden LED light switches on and illuminates your favourite little treasures and knick knacks.

The pine wood handle allows you to carry the Kessho jar from room to room, so you can take a little magic with you wherever you go. It's also food safe, so you can use it to safely store your goodies. No more digging around for your favourite candy flavour for a midnight snack.

The Kessho is your perfect companion for your everyday indulgences.

What's in Your Kit

  • Seramix (Semi-hydroponic mix)
  • The Plants: Sansevieria dwarf boncel, Sansevieria coppertone and Sansevieria samurai

How to Fill Your Littlebotany Kit

  1. Create a base, fill in approximately 1.5cm of Seramix into the Kessho glass jar
  2. Add the 3 plants on top and arrange them based on your preference
  3. Use the remaining mix to sprinkle around the plants to hold the plants in place.
  4. Water only 1/3 of the seramix in the jar. The water will last approximately one week.
  5. Water once the water level has disappeared.