The Major Uprooting

The Major Uprooting

Hey Plant folks,

Most of you know by now, Punggol has officially closed and has moved to our new East space at Sing See Soon Simei. It has been a crazy journey. 

The move was unexpected as we thought we had a further two years with the Punggol space. Initially I was very overwhelmed and was so worried. I was also not in a good place financially as we just invested Littlebotany West and Punggol was still the main income at that point of time. So when Punggol ended almost abruptly, it was quite a big adjustment for me and the business. 

Moving plants is not like moving furniture, some plants are so sensitive that they died during the move. Others took a while to adjust. I am super blessed to have a great team with me during this crucial period. They helped me physically and mentally. Thank you so much for that guys. 

We were so used to Punggol despite the flaws of the space. The amount time spent for weeding is endless and back-breaking. The ground is always sinking and the overall site management is poor. So we had to upkeep Punggol frequently. Not to mention the mosquitoes were devouring us non stop. 

So when we finally closed the gates for the last time. I was really sad but I felt this sense of relief too. No more back-breaking weeding, no more sinking ground and no more mosquitoes. I felt this weight lifted off my shoulders. 

The memories made at Punggol can never be replaced. I felt like I grew so much as a person. Just by understanding the business, meeting people, doing charities. Most importantly, I made so many beautiful friendships and interactions that I will never forget. The huge amount of kindness I've seen at that space was so inspiring. It gives me hope that the world is still kind and it gives me the ammo to continue to always be kind too. 

Just like plants. When showing love and compassion to your plants, you'll actually be more loving and compassionate to yourself too. So thank you for everything Littlebotany Punggol, Littlebotany would not have achieve this milestones if it's not for you. 

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