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Hey plant folks!

Thank you so much for your beautiful words and comments in regards to our previous plantblog entry. For those who shared with me their own personal experiences, let us hope it gets better one day. 

The entry today is a bit spooky so if you are not a fan of horror or supernatural, skip this chapter. These incidents happened to me and to a few others. I try not to believe in the supernatural that much as I am a believer of science but sometimes there are just something you cannot explain.


So Littlebotany was originally a giant reclaimed piece of land with super duper tall grass. I was told it was a giant marshland before that, correct me if I am wrong. Before we rented the space, it was rented out to another person. He/she wanted to make a padi field but somehow they just stopped building it halfway and apparently just left. When we took over, we could actually see some structure of a padi rice field. I have always wondered what happened to them. 

It all started with the mood and ambience of the space during the day and at night. There is this shift of energy when it gets dark. Everyone felt this feeling of uneasiness and no one actually talked about it until later on. This incident only happened during the duration of building Littlebotany.

1)There is someone behind you.

That is what we all felt. Back when we were building the plot, every single one of us had the same experience where we felt there was someone behind us. Of course we never mentioned this to one another until much later on. I kept thinking it was one of my friends behind me. You would hear sounds of footsteps or even sounds of rattling of tools behind you. It only gets scary when you realize there is absolutely no one else there but you.

2) Unusually dark

At that time we were using flood lamps and all kinds of battery operated lights while building the space. However, it gets unusually dark and our devices keep failing. Our batteries kept running out so quickly and sometimes stopped working altogether. At that time, we kept blaming the quality of the devices. Looking back, many things stopped working when we were building the site. Both battery operated and electrical powered.

3) Unusual Illness

While building the space, we all fell sick almost at the same time. It is only specifically when we were digging the ground. We would all have fever and could not get out of bed and no, it is not dengue. It only affected those who physically dug the ground. The body pain was indescribable. We were also at our fittest at that time(pre-pandemic). It could be just fatigue but who knows. 

4) Creepy singing/voices

We used to pack and prepare our plants for pop ups at night at that time. There was a time when we heard a very sweet singing voice. It sounded so clear and so near. It was so scary to the point where our friends started praying on their knees. It was then we recognised that it was a female voice. She seemed to hate it when we played music at the plot at night. I even experienced someone calling my name when I was at the plot at night. You can almost feel this very heavy energy of anger coming towards you. So when we heard her, we stopped our music and ran out of the plot immediately.

5) Lady in White

She only became visible when we were almost done with building our main structure. It started out as something white flashing past from the corner of your eye. Even some of our customers at that time mentioned to us that they saw a flash of white in the corner of the plot. Even one of our potters, whom I won't mention, saw a lady in white zooming quickly at the back at the plot. Some of us had nightmares of her at that time. I specifically had a nightmare of her visiting me at my house. She was really angry. She had very disheveled long black greyish hair and had a white cloth on her. I could not really see her legs. She almost looked swamp-like and very drenched. I was so mortified that none of us wanted to be at the plot at night. 

6) Flowers

It all suddenly stopped when we started keeping flowering plants at the plot. We got a Jasmine tree and it flowered profusely. We also kept moringa trees, cactuses, aloe veras. They are supposedly to ward off evil spirits. Then onwards, she just somehow disappeared. The place was shaping up nicely and we managed to install permanent lights. Somehow her presence was no longer there. The plot felt safe ever since. Most times.






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